Why would the only begotten son grant his followers clemency and forebearance to FORSAKE their unbelieving wife and children for his sake and a REWARD of 100 wives [IN THIS LIFE: Matthew 22:30, Mark 12:25, Luke 20:35] if staying with your unbelieving wife SANCTIFIES HER AND MAKES HER HOLY, THUS MAKING YOUR CHILDREN HOLY TOO?

If STAYING with your unbelieving wife makes HER AND YOUR UNBELIEVING CHILDREN SANCTIFIED AND HOLY, why would the savior grant you forgiveness AND A $$$$, of a hundredfold [a hundred more wives and a hundred more children, in THIS LIFE] plus EVERLASTING LIFE, were you to FORSAKE your unbelieving wife and children for his sake?

Paul made up HIS OWN doctrines and theologies. You need to let Paul GO. He contradicted the great I am and all the original apostles repeatedly. It’s time to let Paul GO. The Bible PROVES apostle Paul is the antichrist. Paul was AGAINST the carpenter’s son and the Bible proves it again and again.

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